Why did liberal Hillary Shields supporters work to get Jacob Turk on the ballot?

Because they think they can split the vote and elect her. Hillary Shields is a pro-amnesty, pro-abortion liberal that supported Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The facts are clear:

‘Dirty political games’?
Signature on petition stirs up Missouri Senate race

“The husband of the Democratic candidate in a special Missouri Senate election signed a petition to add an independent candidate to the ballot.”

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Democratic leader helps an independent in Missouri Senate race, and accusations fly

“The head of the Jackson County Democratic Party helped Jacob Turk collect enough signatures to appear on the November ballot as an independent candidate for the Missouri Senate.”

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Democrats score big win over Republicans placing Turk on ballot

“As more records are becoming public, the evidence of the large-scale, well-coordinated Democratic effort to place a widely known but perennially unsuccessful Republican politician Jacob Turk on the ballot in the 8th Senate District is coming to light.”

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